How We Work

We prefer our clients to visit our office the first time and have a face to face discussion, before stepping into the dairy & food business. This gives us the opportunity to recommend a suitable business model and also create a road map. Thereafter, we work closely with the client to better understand their needs in detail. Based on the selected business model, we provide exact solution(s) to achieve desired targets, inline with all the stipulated legal standards.

We bring in latest technological advances in the field to help our clients achieve their goals. Being in this business for decades now, we understand the perishable property of Milk/Food products, sensitivity of animals towards diseases and the general risk factors associated with the business.

Project Report
The Project report covers all aspects of Dairy & Food business, like, background, objective of the project, about the borrower, related pictures. Basically, complete data (including – all assumptions, market costs, physical and financial data and analysis for 5 or 7 years) in tabular or graphical formats, which is easy to grasp for our client who may not be too familiar with the industry at the outset.

It is generally presented as a soft copy, in 20-22 pages including pictures, graphs, tables and text as mentioned earlier. We undertake all corrections/modifications, if required, in the Project report, for use by banks (or any other FIs) with whom the project is linked.

Financial Appraisal of the Project Report
The project report contains all data required to conduct a “financial appraisal”. The banks/FIs (to which the project is linked) do the financial analysis/appraisal for the viability of the projects at their own. However, for the satisfaction of our clients, on their demand, we also undertake “Financial Appraisal” through our CAs, on cost basis. Clients are also free to undertake the appraisal on their own, basis our project report, should they so desire.

Link to N.A.B.A.R.D.
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (N.A.B.A.R.D.) supports mini dairies (2 cows units, 4 cows unit, 10 cows units – up to 20 animals) through re-finance. N.A.B.A.R.D. needs routing the application on prescribed format through lending bank (which has to be local, where the property exists), for linking with subsidy, which is generally to the tune of 25-33% of the loan amount.

Social Responsibility
We understand and appreciate the fact that no business can thrive without giving back to the society. We help our clients develop trained manpower thus generating job opportunities for unskilled, rural youth. A large number of womenfolk also get benefited as the dairy & food business on station work is handled mostly by women.